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Arleigh Burke AEGIS Ship
These ships can track all aircraft out to 600,000 feet, and can shoot them down out to 2500 miles away with remote ship-based missiles. When a target gets beyond 2500 miles, Aegis radar can track and destroy that target with satellite relay systems.

All ships of this class have the AEGIS air defense system with the SPY-1D phased array radar. They are armed with a 90-cell Vertical Launching System capable of storing and rapidly firing a mix of Standard, Tomahawk, and Vertically Launched ASROC (VLA) missiles for either Air Defense, Strike Warfare, or Anti-Submarine Warfare missions. Other armament includes the Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile, the 5"/54 gun with improvements that integrate it with the AEGIS weapon system, and the Phalanx Close-in Weapon System for self-defense.

The AN/SPY-1D Phased Array Radar incorporates significant advances in the detection capabilities of the AEGIS Weapons System, particularly in its resistance to enemy Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM). The AEGIS system is designed to counter all current and projected missile threats to the Navy's battle forces. A conventional, mechanically rotating radar "sees" a target when the radar beam strikes that target once during each 360 degree rotation of the antenna. A separate tracking radar is then required to engage each target. In contrast, the computer-controlled AN/SPY-1D phased array radar of the AEGIS system brings these functions together within one system. The four fixed arrays of "SPY" send out beams of electromagnetic energy in all directions simultaneously, continuously providing a search and tracking capability for hundreds of targets at the same time. Using the SPY-1D and her Mark 99 Fire Control System, these ships can guide vertically-launched Standard Missiles to intercept hostile aircraft and missiles at extended ranges. To provide point defense against hostile air targets, the ships are equipped with the Block 1 upgrade to the Phalanx Close-In-Weapons System (CIWS).

The ARLEIGH BURKE Class is also equipped with the Navy's latest ASUW Combat Systems. Land attack cruise missile capability is provided by Tomahawk Missiles, which are launched from her Mark 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS). The MK 41 VLS is a multi-warfare missile launching system capable of firing a mix of missiles against airborne and surface threats. It is modular in design, with eight modules symmetrically grouped to form a launcher magazine. The modules contain all the necessary components for launching functions when interfaced with the ship's AEGIS Weapon System. VLS is a product of Martin-Marietta. The shorter range Harpoon Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles have a range in excess of 65 nautical miles which are fired from stand-alone launchers. The 5"/54 Caliber Gun, in conjunction with the Mark 34 Gun Weapon System, is an anti-ship weapon which can also be used for close-in air contacts or to support forces ashore with Naval Gun-Fire Support (NGFS). Navigation Links

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