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Fighting Position Excavator (FPE), M300
The Fighting Position Excavator (FPE), M300, is a lightweight, compact system that significantly improves the infantry soldier's ability to shape a two-man fighting defensive position, protective position, or other in-ground positions.

The program office of PM-Mines, Countermine and Demolition at Picatinny Arsenal type-classified the system and authorized initial production in 1998. The M300 "Badger" is a Non Developmental Item (NDI) offered by ATK for a variety of tactical uses.

During dismounted operations, the FPE significantly reduces the time, exposure, and energy needed to create a foxhole in the majority of soils around the world. It is safe, lightweight, and compact, making it easy to pack, carry, and operate.

The FPE consists of a bucket auger, modified into a portable military version, and a soil-loosening explosive charge. Extensive field testing has proved the FPE, combined with the entrenching tool, is an extremely effective system for shaping a two-soldier fighting position.

The FPE uses a high-energy explosive concept, chosen for its safety features and performance in different soils. The contents are completely inert during storage and transport to ensure the soldier's safety, even in the most severe battlefield conditions. The initiation system uses standard military and commercial equipment, including a standard initiator and detonator.

All components pack easily and weigh less than 9 pounds, allowing them to be carried by an individual soldier. (NSN 1375-01-429-3510)

The FPE gets the soldier under cover faster and with less fatigue, increasing battlefield effectiveness.

M301 Reload Kit. Using the M300 auger allows two fighting positions to be shaped. (NSN 1375-01-429-3509)

Trainer FPE Kit. All inert materials.

1. Using the auger, bore two  holes.

2. Drop the explosives in  each bore hole and attach components.

3. Detonate the explosive to fracture the soil.

4. Remove the loosened soil and finish shaping the two-man fighting position (2x4x6 ft).

Key Features
  • Decreases fatigue factor, water requirements, and combat exposure
  • Reduces digging time by 60 percent or more
  • Simple to operate
  • Low visual/audible signature; low detectability
  • Can be air delivered
  • Weighs 8.5 lb
  • Compact-6 in. diameter x 17 in. length
  • Two-charge reload kit (M301) available

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