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Demolition Munition, Concrete Penetrating, HE: XM150 (PAM)
A compact, lightweight, concrete bridge pier demolition device

The Demolition Munition, Concrete Penetrating, HE: XM150, also known as the Penetration Augmented Munition (PAM) is a lightweight, portable demolition device being developed for the Special Operations Forces. A compact 33 inches long and weighing approximately 35 pounds, PAM can be emplaced by a single person to defeat reinforced concrete bridge piers, walls, and abutments. The munition can be carried in a rucksack or strapped to load-bearing equipment without interfering with the soldier's ability to walk, climb, or rappel. It can be initiated by any standard military detonation device.

The PAM is equipped with a silent stud driver and self-contained standoff assembly for proper positioning and attachment to the target. The silent stud driver fires an explosive stud into the target. The PAM is then hung against the target, using this stud and the strap provided. The warhead consists of a forward charge, which cuts any rebar; a hole-drilling charge, which forms a hole in the target; and a follow-through charge, which is propelled to the bottom of the hole where it detonates. The explosion renders the bridge useless to mechanized units.

Other Applications
Although designed primarily for reinforced concrete targets, PAM has applications for a wide range of missions, especially those where tamping of the explosive will enhance performance. PAM allows the user to place a substantial amount of explosive deep within reinforced concrete, earth, sand, or other targets to multiply explosive effects.

Program Status
The current full-scale development program includes logistics, MANPRINT manuals, and fabrication of a PAM trainer.

System Advantages
  • Replaces 225 lb of explosives with 35 lb
  • Decreases volume from 4,500 cu. in. to 400 cu. in.
  • Reduces mission time from over 3 hr to 10 min
  • Requires only one person to defeat each pier vs. seven persons using conventional explosives

Physical Characteristics
Weight: 35 lb
Length: 33 in.
Diameter: 8 in.
Target: Reinforced concrete bridge supports
Attachment: Silent stud driver
Initiation: Blasting cap, detonation cord, or any standard military detonation device
Performance: Single-shot defeat of 5 ft x 6 ft reinforced concrete pier

Defeat mechanism: Shaped charge, hole-drilling charge, and follow-through warhead

Shipping container: TOW 2A container

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