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Photographer Criticized For Bike Crash Photos
May 19, 2005

A photographer has come under fire in China for his pictures of a man falling off a bicycle.

The man took a spectacular digger in Xiamen city after his bike hit a pot-hole submerged in rainwater.

But photographer Liu Tao was accused of lying in wait to take his pictures instead of warning people of the danger.

Readers of the Beijing Youth Daily, which published the shots, wrote in to express their feelings.

One wrote: "The pictures are well shot, but the person who shot this is disgusting. He knew there was a pit, but was waiting there for someone to fall over."

And another said: "The photographer should really be condemned since he knew there definitely would be other victims."

Liu defended himself, saying: "I just knew that the city government has paved the pit, and without my pictures, the pit would not be noticed by the government, and there would perhaps be more people falling over."

Whatever the case, photos of a man going ass-over-teakettle holding an umbrella while he flips over on his bike are pretty darn funny.

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