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Texas Water Tank Trail Cam
Take a look at what shows up at a stock tank in dry weather. Be sure and check all of them. For those of you that have never hunted in South Texas, sometimes ranchers post motion detector cameras at their feeders/tanks to see what is going on and to check out what is freeloading at their water tanks. The variety turns out to be a surprise!

One of my Texas friends tells me that Texas Rangers and U.S. Border Patrol tell local residents that when they encounter Illegal Border Crossers, that they should shoot first and ask questions later. People who don't follow that rule, usually end up dead. I'm just telling what they told me.
April 16, 2009

Mountain Lion/Cougar

A large buck

A huge owl

A chupacabra?

An enormous badger

A fox


Another large cat

Are they legal?



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